PT-PSE106SAR48-24 DC Input Gigabit PoE PT-PSE106SAR48-24 DC Input Gigabit PoE PT-PSE106SAR48-24 DC Input Gigabit PoE

PT-PSE106SAR48-24 DC Input Gigabit PoE

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    1. Single-port PoE Midspan

    PT-PSE106SAR48-24 LAN port connected to normal switch for data exchange, and PoE port output power and data for remoted PD over Cat5 or Cat5e

    2. Output power directly

    PT-PSE106SAR48-24, output 24VDC non-standard voltage, it output power directly without detection chip inside.

    3. Output power 30W

    PT-PSE106SAR48-24 output current 1.25A, 24 watts, can cooperate with the most PDs in the market.

    4. Strong lightning function

    PT-PSE106SAR48-24  provide network signal and PoE power 6KV(10/700us) lightning protection.

    5. Easy install

    PT-PSE106SAR48-24 with small size, easy to install with two holes. It can fixed to wall with self-tapping screw

    1. Input voltage: 44-57VDC

    2. Output power: 30W

    3. Output current: 1.25A

    4. Output Voltage Regulated Accuracy: 24VDC±5%

    5. Load Regulation: 24VDC±1%

    6. Working environment temperature: -5℃~+45℃

    Schematic Diagram


    - IEEE802.3 10Base-T Ethernet

    - IEEE802.3u 100Base-Tx Fast Ethernet

    - IEEE802.3ab 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet

    - Support power for 24VDC input PDs

    - RoHS Compliant

    - WEEE Compliant, CE/FCC

    - FCC Part 15, Class B

    - EN 55022 Class B

    PoE Output

    - Port No.: 1

    - Power Pins: 4/5(+),7/8(-)

    - Data speed: 10/100/1000Mbps

    - Output voltage: 24V

    - Output Current: 1.25A

    - Input voltage: 44-57VDC

    Dimensions & Weight

    - Dimensions : 120mm X 125mm X 44mm

    - Weight: 350g

    Physical Interface 

    - LAN port: RJ45

    - PoE port: RJ45

    - DC power port: two cores DC terminal blocks

    Environment Conditions 

    - Working environment temperature: -5℃ to 45℃

    - Operating height: -304.8m to 3048m

    - Operating humidity: Max 90%, without condensation

    Network Signal Surge Protection

    - Protect lines: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

    - Line - Earth(10/700us): 6KV

    - Clamp voltage (1.2; 3.6; 4.5; 7.8): 7.5VDC

    PoE Output Surge Protcetion

    - Line - Earth(10/700us): 6KV

    - Power clamp voltage(4.5—7.8): 60VDC

    Ordering Info.  

    PT-PSE106SAR48-24               24VDC output/30W/1000Mbps/(4,5+,7,8-)/Surge protection

    Package Info. 

    PT-PSE106SAR48-24 x 1

    User Manual x 1