High power PoE 75W power supply PT-PSE107GHRO exports to the United States

Nov 01, 2016

In October 2016, a security company in the United States, from my company purchased a number of 75W high power PoE power supply, for its high power Camera IP power supply.

The PSE power supply operating temperature range is -40 degrees -65 degrees C, with 6KV lightning protection function, can effectively protect the terminal camera from lightning.

Customer's camera installed in the outdoor, large power, the requirements of power supply stability, the quality of the PSE has a high demand, otherwise the data transmission is not stable, it will lead to greater economic losses. After nearly 3 months of testing, inspection, etc., the recent start of small quantities available to the United States customers.

Fully equipped for freight cars

PT-PSE107GHRO is a high power single gigabit PoE power supply, the input voltage is 100VAC ~ 240VAC, 75W output power, 8 wire power supply, the output voltage is +55V, suitable for the large power supply terminal equipment, its working principle diagram as follows: