AccessPoint Announced that our Brand Procet was in their Portfolio in Hungary

Oct 31, 2019

Congrates that AccessPoint Announced that our brand Procet was in their Portfolio in Hungary on Oct.31. They share a video link on Youtu at


 AccessPoint is focus on WiFi access points. In the video, AccessPoint share his real thought on Procet’s outdoor PoE Switch and Industrial DIN Rail PoE. Why they choose Procet’s PoE? Let’s see what he said “Procet makes professional and industrial PoE solutions who has full range of PoE, the connection to WiFi is simple, these devices(Procet PoE) can perfectly and reliably”.


 Why Procet’s outdoor PoE is caught attention which AccessPoint decided to resell them? Usually, people use a big cabinet that holds the industrial switch. See the photo below, but it spoils the cityscape, becomes a problem in maintain, takes a long time to deploy as well. Procet’s outdoor PoE is a perfect solution for all of these problems since it’s an all in one ready to use, ready to deploy solution, need less man hours, real industrial PoE switch. Three versions can meet all your flexible deployment. There are also many other features for the outdoor PoE which AccessPoint explain in great details.

AccessPoint got our PoE and made a lot of test, after checked the quality of Procet’s PoE, AccessPoint made a smart decision that adding our products to their portfolio.


 We hope you try these products out to convince your right choice for Procet’s PoE.

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