A brief introduction of outdoor Poe products series

Aug 24, 2016

Outdoor Poe power supply series, with excellent physical characteristics of door, high power Poe power supply support 8 harness network signal and Poe power supply lightning protection, waterproof metal case and use temperature range of - 40 DEG to 65 DEG C, good adaptability to the environment, support network bandwidth for 10/100/1000M. Support for PoE IEEE802.3af/IEEE802.3at power supply standard terminal. Can be given to the outdoor high-power base station, wireless AP, network cameras and other large power equipment power supply.

Suitable for outdoor use, in the 100-240VAC input voltage can work under normal conditions, applicable to a variety of complex power supply environment.

We focus on the design and development of poe products, we have exported outdoor poe, poe injector, industrial poe, poe splitter, poe surge.

Outdoor Poe