French companies purchase our PoE products for video surveillance

May 08, 2017

French customers want to achieve their own projects in the field of video data acquisition, and then transmitted to the data center through the wireless network. After continuous investigation, audit, comparison, the final customer procurement of our Poe injector for the power supply system.

This series of Poe injector remote PD power supply equipment to provide 48VDC power output, the output power of 15.4W. Support in line with the IEEE802.3af standard terminal; wireless AP, network cameras, network sensors and other small power equipment supply.

PT-PSE10GF is suitable for indoor use, can work normally under the input voltage of 100VAC-240VAC, the power supply is connected with the network equipment terminal through over 5 kinds of cables.

We can also supply the outdoor poe switch, industrial poe etc. If you have interest in our poe, welcome to contact us.

Poe injector