Our high-power lightning protection products through the Italy Telecom Test

May 15, 2017

Indoor large power lightning protection series is my company's main products, its representative product is PT-PSE106GW, this is a single port, high-power PoE injector.

My company's indoor high-power lightning protection series, through a number of months of rigorous testing in Italy.

My company and the Italian company personnel on performance parameters of products of great depth testing, confirmed the superior performance of this series of products, high bandwidth, low temperature, lightning and other related parameters in the field of power supply stability.

PoE injector

The POE injector can provide 55VDC power output for the remote PD receiving equipment, support the 8 wire harness power supply, and the output power is 60W, which is convenient and practical.

We can also supply the PoE surge, outdoor PoE etc. Welcome to contact us.