Outdoor PoE products used in the US company projects

May 02, 2017

Recently, a company in the United States in its projects, the need for a number of outdoor high-power wireless AP power supply. After many visits, the final selection of my company's outdoor PoE power supply series.

The power supply series with its excellent physical protection characteristics, cost-effective, in a number of candidate products stand out, our company has become a member of the other side of the procurement list.

Outdoor Poe is a kind of lightning arrester, high power PoE power supply, which supports 8 wire harness network signal and PoE power supply lightning protection, provides 55VDC power output for remote PD power equipment, the output power is 30W. Metal shell waterproof, the use of the temperature range of -40 DEG C -65 C, good environmental adaptability.

Support IEEE802.3af/IEEE802.3at PoE power supply standard terminal. Can supply power to the outdoor high power base station, wireless AP, network camera and other high-power equipment.

We can also supply the poe injector, PoE spiltter etc. If you need, welcome to contact us.

outdoor PoE