Outdoor PoE switch and high power PoE injector outlet Germany

Apr 27, 2017

Our company has completed the handover process with German customers, and the 4 port outdoor PoE switch PT-POS401GR-OT-FH and 60W PoE injector PT-PSE106GW has been exported to the German market.

German customers according to their company plans to purchase a number of industrial grade, protective performance of the outdoor PoE switch products. The German company has always been to product procurement process is very strict, careful, through advanced technology personnel exchanges, mutual communication, sample testing, various quality management more than half of the factory, tracking production, product sampling and a series of steps.

outdoor PoE switch

Now finally achieved good results, rigorous German customers also nodded frequently, very satisfied with the results, and submitted to the next phase of the procurement sample.

We can also supply the PoE splitter etc. Welcome to contact us.