PoE injector is widely used in the field of network monitoring

Jun 12, 2017

Power over Ethernet refers to the existing Cat.5 Ethernet cabling infrastructure does not make any changes in the situation, for some IP based terminal (such as IP telephone, wireless LAN access point AP network camera, etc.) for the transmission of data signals at the same time, can also provide DC power supply technology for this kind of equipment.

Network camera support 802.3af protocol, you can directly use the PoE injector, through the network cable to the network camera power supply.

The network camera does not support the 802.3af protocol and can not be powered directly by the PoE device. Another type of equipment, PoE splitter, is needed. In this way, the data can be separated from the power source to achieve a network cable, which transfers data and supplies power.

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PoE injector