Lightning Surge Protection PoE solutions

Lightning strike causes huge damages for the outdoor equipment. Especially the Southeast Asia area, lightning strike probability is very high.


To protect the outdoor camera, the APs which installed on the top of the outdoor buildings, to save the further service cost, we need to add the lightning surge protector during the project.

PROCET focus on PoE surge protection on the AC port surge protection, DC port protection, data port protection since 2006.

Now we have series the surge protection, the PoE protector series, PoE injector with surge protection, PoE switch with surge protection.

The lightning surge protection product, we R&D the different using environment on the power from 30W, 60W, 75W, 95W, 120W.

The lightning surge protection level, now we have the levels 6kv, 10v, 20kv the common module, different module on the 8/20us, 10/700 standard.

                                                    Application Draft  


                                                    The related surge protection PoE Injector

                                                     PoE Switch

                                                    PoE Arrester