Outdoor PoE Solution

Outdoor PoE solution projects, especially the wireless coverage in remote desert, the security installation on the mountain. The environment all need to consider of the waterproof, the humidity, extreme low temperature, the summer high temperature, the easily tricked on the PoE power supply.

According to these conditions, PROCET have R&D series outdoor PoE injector, PoE switch, outdoor surge protector, outdoor extender.

They all with IP67, the wide temperature from- 40℃ to +65℃, AC/DC/PoE/LAN port with 6KV.

They all designed with metal case, have good heat dispersion. Also considered of installation, they all designed as PLUG-PLAY, without open the case.

                                                  Application Draft

                                                   The related Outdoor PoE Injector

                                                  PoE Switch

                                                 PoE Arrester and PoE Extender