Industrial PoE Solution

PoE power supply solution have the absolutely advantages on installation, lower the whole metal cost, especially make the operation easier.

Industrial level environment means the very different temperature day-night, awful weather, etchant gas…

To achieve the PoE using on these environment, PROCET works long time on the design-testing-adjust. Now we have the indoor &outdoor series PoE that have been tested in the market. And work well in the transport, energy, chemical industry, medical treatment, electricity area.

Now we have the IEEE802.3af/at, PoE++, even 95W PoE that can used to the industrial environment. They all support 4-pairs power supply, and with PoE surge protection can against 6KV(7/100us), and support the -40℃ to +75℃. The outdoor design, the case passes 28DAYS Salt Spray Test, IP67 level.

                                           Application Draft

                                          The related PoE Injector