PT-PSE100GFN-24 PoE Injector PT-PSE100GFN-24 PoE Injector PT-PSE100GFN-24 PoE Injector PT-PSE100GFN-24 PoE Injector

PT-PSE100GFN-24 PoE Injector

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    1. Single-port Midspan    

    The PT-PSE100GFN-24 Single-port Gigabit 18W Passive PoE Injector midspan output 24V,can provide power to some terminal that allow input 24V voltage through CAT5E net cable or better.It was designed for those special small device.such as,some IP surveillance devices, WLAN APs and other Ethernet devices.

    2. Provide power directly

    PT-PSE100GFN-24 will directly output +24VDC for terminal,with detection,becasue there's no stardands for 24V PoE system.

    3. Easy install

    This plug and play device allows easy installation and placement in hard-to-reach places. Combined with a PoE extender, Ethernet devices can easily be powered more than 100M away from network room at gigabit data transfer rates.

    1. Input voltage: 100VAC~240VAC,50Hz~60Hz1. Input voltage: 100GVAC~240VAC,50Hz~60Hz

    2. Output max power: 18W

    3. Output Current: 750mA

    4. Output voltage regulation precision: 24VDC±5%

    5. Loading regulation: 24VDC±1%

    6. Working temperature range: -5℃~+45℃ 

    7. Noise: <50dB  

    Schematic Diagram


    - IEEE802.3 10Base-T Ethernet

    - IEEE802.3u 100Base-Tx Fast Ethernet

    - IEEE802.3ab1000Base-T Fast Ethernet

    - Support for 24v input PD

    - RoHS Compliant

    - WEEE Compliant,CE/FCC

    - FCC Part 15,Class B

    - EN 55022 Class B

    - MTBF: 100,000 h.@25℃

    PoE Power output

    - Power Pin: 4/5(+),7/8(-)

    - Data Speed: 10/100/1000Mbps  

    - Output Voltage: 24V

    - Output Current: 750mA

    - Input AC Voltage: 100-240VAC

    - Input AC Current: 1.0A@100G-240VAC

    - AC Hz: 50-60Hz

    Size & Weight

    - Size: 134mm*56mm*33mm

    - Weight: 150g

    physical interface  

    - LAN: RJ45

    - POE: RJ45

    - AC port: three-pin AC power

    LED instructions

    - AC power LED: GREEN


    Working Environment

    - Temperature: -5℃ to 45℃

    - Height: -304.8 meter to 3048 meters

    - humidity: Max to 90%, without Coagulation

    AC Surge Protection

    - 1.5KA(8/20us)

    - 3KV(1.2/50us)

    Order Info.

    PT-PSE100GFN-24         24VDC/750mA/1000M/(4,5+,7,8-)

    Package Info. 

    PT-PSE100GFN-24 * 1

    AC power cable * 1 

    product manual * 1